Friday, February 13, 2015

RIP Michael C. Ruppert. You will never be forgotten!

After doing a blog on Michael C. Ruppert Oil Collapse-Economy + Nuclear leaks. I then decided to do a search to see what he was up to now? And to my utter dismay and much sadness, I found out that he "allegedly" committed suicide almost a year before I wrote this blog! He was suicided on April 13, 2014, at the age of sixty-three! I'm updating this blog today Aug. 6, 2015. when synchronicity strikes once again because I will be sixty-three this month!

Michael C. Ruppert
Occupation: Author, activist, radio talk show host, retired LAPD narcotics investigator.
Whistleblower and author of Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.
In this video, he talks about when he blew the whistle on CIA drug smuggling in 1976-77. This is when the death threats started.

In this video, he talks about 9/11 air traffic controllers. I always had this question on my mind. What say the air traffic controller's during 911 attack! Didn't they see the planes coming in? Why to this day Aug. 5, 2015, are there no interviews with any Air Traffic Controler's? I also wondered why they kept telling people to stay in their offices? He did this video March 5, 2013. ONE month before he allegedly committed suicide April 13th 2013. It looked like he was becoming stressed as questions were being shot at him like a machine gun! He had written a journalistic piece on the massive insider trading Put options that were placed on United and American Airlines betting the stocks would crash just before 9/11. A Put option is when you sell or buy assets at an agreed price on or, before a particular date.

He talks about the Bush family being involved with Osama Bin laden, as we all know by now. I don't want another Bush in the White House, and Hillary is pushing for Prescot Bush to run on the republican ticket! That's funny because the Clinton's and Donald are good friends. Trump and Bill have often golfed together and have even socialized with each other's families. But, Hilary wants to be President so bad, she is willing to throw her friend under the bus for political gain. We'll see after the tonight's presidential debate what the numbers will show. I don't think people are really taking trump too seriously. It's betting against hope. But, I think Hillary will win by hook or crook. I would be shocked if Donald Trump wins.

According to The Wall Street Journal, his book Crossing the Rubicon was a "favorite among conspiracy theorists.
Editorial review of
The attacks of September 11, 2001, were accomplished through an amazing orchestration of logistics and personnel. Crossing the Rubicon discovers and identifies key suspects-finding some of them in the highest echelons of American government by showing how they acted in concert to guarantee that the attacks produced the desired result.

Crossing the Rubicon is unique not only for its case-breaking examination of 9/11 but, for the breadth and depth of its world picture-an interdisciplinary analysis of petroleum, geopolitics, narco-traffic, intelligence and militarism without which 9/11 cannot be understood.

The US manufacturing sector has been mostly replaced by speculation on financial data whose underlying economic reality is a dark secret. Hundreds of billions of dollars in laundered drug money flow through Wall Street each year from opium and coca fields maintained by CIA-sponsored warlords and US-backed covert paramilitary violence. America's global dominance depends on a continually turning mill of guns, drugs, oil and money. Oil and natural gas the fuels that make economic growth possible are subsidized by American military force and foreign lending.

In reality, 9/11 and the resulting "War on Terror" are parts of a massive authoritarian response to an emerging economic crisis of unprecedented scale. Peak Oil the beginning of the end for our industrial civilization is driving the elites of American power to implement unthinkably draconian measures of repression, warfare, and population control. Crossing the Rubicon is more than a story. It is a map of the perilous terrain through which, together and alone, we are all now making our way.Click here for his Wiki-Pedia page

This was his last radio Broadcast on the Lifeboat Hour on PRN. He talks about how he wakes up with anxiety due to living in this Matrix.
He plays a song in tribute to all those humans who've helped him along his journey.

Media coverage and criticism.
Numerous documentary films have featured Ruppert, including The End of Suburbia (2004), American Drug War: The Last White Hope (2007), The 911 Report You Never Saw - The Great Conspiracy (2008), Collapse (2009), Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011), and Apocalypse, Man (2014).

Click here to read where it all started in 1997 when he learned about the smuggling of drugs, and a personal betrayal.
Jack Martin gave a one-take walk-through of Michael C. Ruppert's last day. This film was taken down. Originally filmed by Wesley T. Miller, Mike's co-founder in Jack Martin narrated as to why his friend Michael Ruppert committed suicide. Note: at 0:52 he says he got an email from Mike saying to come back to the property it's urgent call the sheriff! He said he didn't get the significance of this? I'm stumped with that statement. Nevertheless, I think Jack Martin had to say what he did in the video for fear of his own life. It's suspicious to me that his body was cremated the very next day! What were the results from the crime scene evidence? Was there any gunpowder residue on his hand or body? Will we ever know? RIP Michael Ruppert - We will never forget you.

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